John and Bruce Mooney Breeders + Trainers

Hunting South Dakota fall 2015




Hunting in North Dakota fall 2015

Bridget De L’Escarbot and son Etoc De L’Escarbot and Trainer and owner John


Successful hunt in South Dakota

John and clients have a great time and successful hunt behind L’Escarbot Kennels dogs in South Dakota at

Fall Field Trials in Escource, France

John, Bruce and Frederic Herbelin

photo2John and Bruce Mooney with Frederic Herbelin, renowned dog trainer and friend.

Christian Gunther and John

IMG_0646Christian Gunther, President CEB, and John discussing L’Escarbot Kennel’s newest addition, Hermes du Bois de Calice, with his producer Christian Gobbato.

John and Honorable Judge Fouecay

photo3John and Honorable Judge Fouecay discussing field trials in the United States.

John with Sacha de Saint Lubin

IMG_0669John with Sacha de Saint Lubin, Ch FCS ChIB ChFTP CACIT(1) ChFTA, grandfather of L’Escarbot Kennel’s new addition, Hermes du Bois de Calice

Field Trials in Escource, France

Minnesota / North Dakota Fall 2011