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John and Bruce Mooney
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Great retrieve Etoc!
Great retrieve Maquis!!

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L'Escarbot Kennels specializes in training Epagneul Bretons. We offer both hourly and monthly training.

Hourly training gives us time with the owner and his/her hunting companion. In this hour we are training you to handle your dog, both in the field and at home. We teach basic commands such as heel, here, and whoa. At this time we can also gun break your dog, work with your dog in the field and introduce your dog to birds.

Monthly training consists of 2 to 3 sessions per day working on basic commands and leading to intense work. The training depends on each individual dog and what the owner wants from the training.

L'Escarbot Kennels does not take dogs younger than six months old for the Monthly Training. Hourly training is offered per owner request, usually at four months or older.

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