Limited registration means that no offspring of a dog that you buy from L’Escarbot Kennels can be registered with the AKC unless L’Escarbot Kennels approves the breeding.

We do this because:

Too many people want to get into breeding only to recoup the money they spent on the dog. We want to make sure that our meticulous breeding practices are adhered to so that this wonderful breed of dog doesn’t go the way many breeds have already gone — that is, losing the traits that make them the awesome dogs that they are right now. We also do this to protect the reputation of L’Escarbot Kennels. We pride ourselves on producing Bretons that adhere to the strict European standards that have been set for the Bretons for generations (hunting ability, and temperament and confirmation). Our goal is to sell our dogs to the hunting enthusiast that wants an awesome bird dog and wonderful companion at home. We do not sell to other breeders. We have the expertise to produce the best Epagneul Breton in the United States. We became dismayed with the direction of the American Brittany as it began to move away from the original ideals and type of the Brittany Spaniel.