Lyric is now Lyric De L’Escarbot TAN JH NA NAJ…she is now in open agility at just 2 years old.  I am so proud of her…she is just the most wonderful pup I had ever thought to have the privilege of sharing my life with.

We are doing an agility trial this weekend and hoping to qualify in open…which is more difficult ..more challenges.  We are also going to the American Brittany National Specialty in Ft. Smith, AK next month.

I am hoping you’ll have some pups in the early spring.  If you will, let me know who you’ll breed…or I’ll have to find someone to clone Lyric!

Marcia and Lyric




I thought you’d like these pictures…Lyric has finished her first AKC agility title…Novice Agility Jumper…NAJ.  She did SO well this weekend!  We did her first trial at a different site….Avanti’s Dome in Pekin, IL sponsored by the Peoria Obedience Training Club.  It is a huge place, two rings going at the same time, lots of noise, people and dogs.  She won 3 classes and only had a few mistakes in a couple others.

I just LOVE this girl!

I might be looking for a pup in the spring.  Let me know if you have a litter planned….or I’ll just get Lyric cloned!!

Marcia and Lyric De L’Escarbot TAN JH NAJ

Hi John,

Lyric does it again!  She did her second agility trial this past weekend and ran two days in a row.  She earned two first places and was faster and more accurate than the other competitors.  She has earned two AKC 16″ Jumpers with Weaves legs and both first places….and she has earned one AKC 16″ Standard leg and a first place….she will complete her AKC Novice Agility title when she has qualified with three runs in each venue.  She just continues to be the most wonderful girl…love her very much.



Good morning, John,

I thought you’d get a kick out of this news.  Lyric had her first agility trial this weekend.  I did limited runs so as to not get her too stressed by all the noise, activity, people at a trial.  We were inside in a. conditioning and the venue is one I’ve never done before…. NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council).  It’s a very “dog friendly” venue as the handler is encouraged to reward the dog verbally and actually have a couple of “mistakes” as long as you complete the course.

Lyric has no trouble with time!!  She flies through the course and appears to think it’s a real hoot.  She is also very bitable probably because of field work so she takes direction and I don’t have to run nearly as much as some handlers.  She won the “weavers” class….a class that consists of jumps, tunnels, weavepoles done several times and the best time and dog/handler that complete the course wins.  No dog could touch her speed and accuracy.  I made the mistake of not having a video…damn!…but here is her picture with a ribbon.

I will probably do AKC masters hunt tests this fall.  We have to summer to work on skills and also start AKC agility.

Thank you again for allowing me to share my life with such a wonderful pup!

Marcia Whitmore
Lyric De L’Escarbot TAN JH