Naming History

When naming dogs produced by L’Escarbot Kennels, we continue to follow the culture of the Breton in France — puppies are named by the owner of the kennel. Each year is assigned a letter of the alphabet. The name of the puppy will start with the letter corresponding with that particular year. For example, the letter “A” was assigned to year 2005. Any puppy produced by L’Escarbot Kennels in 2005 would be given a name starting with “A”, followed by de L’Escarbot (i.e. Ariane de L’Escarbot or Armand de L’Escarbot). Any dog produced in 2006 would have a name beginning with the letter “B.” As in France, the name of the kennel would be attach to this name.

When purchasing a puppy from L’Escarbot Kennels we encourage the new owner to come up with a name using the assigned letter but we will assign a name if requested to do so by the owner.

L’Escarbot Kennels will fill out and send the required AKC registration papers. When the registration papers come back from the AKC, it will then be transferred to the new owner. This process is another part of our adoption of the culture of Breton breeders in France.