Our Story

At L’Escarbot Kennels we hunt, train, and breed French Brittany Spaniels that are from the top pedigrees in Europe. We have been involved with the French Brittany Spaniel for many years. Before that time, since we were young kids, we had the American Brittany. Our passion for the Brittany Spaniel has been with us ever since.

We became dismayed with the direction of the American Brittany as it began to move away from the original ideals and type of the Brittany Spaniel. We began traveling to Europe to gain further education regarding the true Brittany Spaniel. We travel to Europe twice a year in order to continue our education of this marvelous breed. We have found some fantastic dogs to import and have brought some of our females over to breed with the champions.

We also entered one of our dogs, La Petite Ivee de L’Escarbot, in a shoot to retrieve trial in southern France in September 2000. Ivee took 2nd place in this trial. She was the first American born French Brittany Spaniel to be entered and place in a trial in France. We were also the first handlers from the U.S.A. to enter a French Brittany Spaniel in trial in France.

Our regular trips to Europe have allowed us to develop wonderful relationships with numerous breeders and trainers of the French Brittany Spaniel all across Europe. We have also imported ten dogs for our breeding and hunting stock. The rest of our dogs are sired by dogs from or in France. Our total of 14 dogs, we believe, is a manageable breeding program.

Having the most diverse genetic pool in the U.S.A. allows us to make excellent choices. Choices that are not compromised by having a small and limited gene pool. Our breeding focuses on three main characteristics:

  • natural hunting ability (prey drive)
  • temperament
  • correct conformation (true Type)