We returned home last eve from our first ND pheasant hunt

Dear John,

We returned home last eve from our first ND pheasant hunt.  Great weather and plenty birds.

But, the big story is Maddie.  I’m almost lost for words in describing how well she hunted, both pointing and retrieving but especially the latter.  I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear this but I was almost in tears a couple of times when she returned from 125 yard+ retrieves of slightly wounded birds she had followed while they glided through the air.  That’s how moved I was. On one day Irene hollared to me to call her back because she’d never find the bird anyway.  Well, 30 seconds later she appears over the hill with the bird in possession.  We got our 24 bird limit and figure 12 of those we would not have had without Maddie.  I’m sure prospective buyers would be lined up at your door if they had a chance to see her in action.  She also retrieved all the other birds that were in sight and which we could have gotten outselves if necessary.  I can’t imagine a lab doing any better than she did.

The pointing was also exceptional as she was constantly finding birds.  Never got far ahead on fence lines or out of reach.  She was very easy to get back in range, mostly with the whistle, only occasionally with the collar.

Had to share the above with someone who would understand and not think I’m exaggerating.  “Old story” to you, right?  She’s only 2 1/2 yrs. old now so I’m thinking she’ll be getting even better in the future although I don’t think she could get a whole lot better.

Jack Igers
Wausau, WI

Sorry to pester you but

Hi John,

Sorry to pester you but I really have to let you know how much we love this dog. He is perfect. He obeys, is housetrained and obedience trained at 7 months.

I just took him for his first walk and he heeled right by my side even with my slow gimp stride. He could not be any sweeter either. We need to send our other two to the Jake boot camp. So thanks so much.

I watched some of your u-tube videos and really enjoyed seeing you working with the dogs. Bob was impressed with your shooting. Have a great day. It’s a joy knowing you and your many beautiful dogs.

Eagan, Minnesota

Just wanted to let you know about Ella

Hi John,

Just wanted to let you know about Ella. Whan she turned on to birds, she did it in Grand Style. Last year I got her into ruffed grouse and was just starting on the woodcock flight when I broke my leg and we had to quit. I worked her alone and and she was impressive. I’ve had her out twice this spring now that I am able to walk again, the first ime was with an English Setter and set chukars. Ella backed up points instinctively like she was trained by a pro. She also ranged out front exactly where I want her. Always circling around and positioning herself to be down wind of where we are walking. When she caught the scent cone it was obvious she was on a bird.

I had her by herself last week on more chukars. (helped work a couple of retrievers, but Ella was alone). Again she worked the field like a seasoned pro. The only flaws right now are a slight tendency to creep, but that is being corrected, and she is still learning about old set scents. She is much better on those now than last fall when it was difficult to get her to quit pointing where a grouse had flushed a few minutes ago. Now it only takes her a few moments to figure out the bird is gone.

You logo about angels in the home and demons in the field is spot on. Ella is a major snuggler. Always wants to be curled up under your neck. But, get her outside and the beast is released. She is not afraid of anything and spends hours hunting the local robins and blackbirds.

When/if the time comes for another dog, we have already decided on another Frenchie. Thank you for providing Ella, she truly has been special.

Jack and Vicki Retherford
Coopersville, MI

Fauna de L’Escarbot – Josie

Fauna de L’Escarbot – Josie (her given name here) has progressed beautifully. 7 months old, 36 points so far. retrieves 90 % to hand. Very solid in every aspect. I could not be happier. I have enclosed 3 photos. Always solid points. Retrieves to hand. Handles amazing.

Craig Boehler
Amsterdam, NY

Just thought I’d share with you a picture of Carbone de L’Escarbot “Tucker”

dpbCarboneLgHey John,

Just thought I’d share with you a picture of Carbone de L’Escarbot “Tucker”. Tucker is now 3 years old and he and I have had by far our best season together. With an average of three days a week in the field traveling between Minnesota and Iowa, Tucker has really come into his own far surpassing any and all of my expectations. His drive to hunt, pointing ability, and retrieving skills have all come together so well, he is truly shaping up to be a great bird dog. I am by no means an expert dog trainer but with basic commands and working together on a daily basis I can’t believe I now have a dog of this caliber. Aside from hunting Tucker is my constant companion, whether we’re sitting at the house or riding in the truck, he shadows me wherever I go and is never far away. Simply put, I couldn’t have asked for a better pal. I could go on and on, thank you for letting me boast a bit, I’m very proud of him to say the least. Happy holidays and I’ll see you again in the near future to get him a little brother.

P.S. Thanks for your input on finding my friend a Lab. He spoke with your friend and ended up buying a started dog shortly thereafter.

Wes Schreiber
Chanhassen, MN

Elsie finished her AKC Master Hunt Title this past weekend

Hi John,

Elsie finished her AKC Master Hunt Title this past weekend.

She has really matured this past year. It’s like a switch turned and she has decided to cooperate at her highest possible level. She has always been very nice but this year has become extremely reliable and “honest”. She has won/placed/or passed in over 50% of the events she has been entered in this year. She is also only one placement away from her UKC title. I am strongly considering getting her ready for her UT in NAVHDA. I think she will do well in that venue.

Thought you would be interested. I’ll put a photo together for you one day with all her ribbons & awards. She must have 20 or so.

Thanks for a great dog. She has been a source of great joy and pride.

Your friend, Doug & Elsie

Today is Floyd’s first birthday


Today is Floyd’s first birthday. He’s having a good day, but not a perfect day– after all, it’s not hunting season. By all estimations, Floyd had a terrific year. He’s solid on point, he knows and obeys all the commands, he honors other dogs, he retrieves happily and he has a great nose (for such a youngster). My hunting buddy and mentor says he’s never seen a more accomplished pup than Floyd. I’m sure my shooting skills will need to improve rapidly to keep up with this dog. You promised me a good gun dog– thanks for keeping that promise.

Mike Mollow
Bradford, CT

I am sending this photo from North Dakota

dpbMettaLgDear John-

I am sending this photo from North Dakota where Metta hunts like a machine. She is in her 4th year now and loves to hunt. We are having phenomenal runs with continuous points, on both singles, doubles and packs of 60. This last weekend, I shot this photo, it was a six pack and I was lucky enough to grab this photo. I kept her steady and was within 3 feet of the flushing birds. The action speaks for itself, it was a great day.

Metta runs hard all day, covers ground and impresses my buds who hunt with Germans and English Pointers. I previously hunted with English Springer’s and the French Brittany has been a great experience. As a family dog they quickly shut off the hunting instinct and blend into our family of 4. We have a three year old son Nils and seven year old daughter Lilly and Metta is one of family. The family demeanor is fun with our backyard “find it” games, runs in the parks and bike rides.

I have been impressed each year hunting with Metta and hope to have many more runs before getting another dog. Currently we are hunting pheasants until year end and occasionally we will bump ducks and even without training Metta will jump into the water and retrieve ducks in the cold ponds.

Thanks again and if anyone would like to speak with us about owning a French Brittany from your kennel please have them call us.

Craig and Osa Patnode
Minnetonka, Minnesota

She has given me more enjoyment than any other dog

dpbAveryLgDear John,

I thought maybe you would be interested in a little history after about 7 years we have had Pepper.

She has given me more enjoyment than any other dog I have had over 70 years. She is not just a good gun dog, (I have not been ashamed of her in any hunting situation) but she is always enthusiastic, very attentive, easy to live with and just great in the house or traveling.

The day she arrived was very hot. Upon getting home from the airport we went for a swim in the river in front of our house. She toddled to the river with our Golden retriever and without hesitation went right in and tried to swim to us. She has loved it since except when there is ice in the river.

I took Pepper everywhere with me, car, work, boat, etc. for the first 18 months. We became very good pals.

She has had no formal/professional training. At about 14 months I just let her chase some quail a couple of times, then shot a couple over her which she instinctually retrieved. At this point she did know what “whoa” meant as we started that at 6 weeks. A couple more outings and I made her “whoa” when she got “birdy” and then she held point very well.

At this point I started working her first with 2 professionally trained Brits and then 2 professionally trained Irish setters. These dogs made her very aggressive in the field. The Brits were used to working together and she had to work to get the points and often fight for the retrieve. The setters were very fast, had excellent noses and were hunted weekly. She would just stay within 100′ to 300′ and pick up birds the setter over ran.

By two and one-half years we would go here and there with friends and work over our dogs. She would amaze both guns and guides alike as her size at first impression was a joke. A 23 pound dog with a very big cripple pheasant coming back a 1/2 miles and 20 minutes later is quite impressive.

Oddly as a puppy and even now she will not retrieve a bumper or a ball. However if she is hunting she will retrieve anything anywhere even in the water. I have waited a half an hour when she has been after a cripple. Very rarely does she return without it.

I have only used 2 commands “whoa” and “here.” We do have an electric collar. We use the noise locator mostly but no more than 10 times used the shock part of the collar. She does understand hand signals, such as “over” and “hunt back.”

Her ability in and out of the house to communicate with you is impressive.

John, please pencil in for spring 2011 a female with enough white to locate her easily! You pick the right one! This dog will probably be my last one as in 10 years I will be over 85.

The size of these dogs is a big asset in the house and traveling. It is not negative in the field for hunting on foot. It is quite comical in a field situation with big dogs and people not familiar with the breed.

Phil and Jeannette Parish
(Galena, MD)

I am more than pleased with Echo

“I am more than pleased with Echo [born 1/23/09]. I’ve had dogs all my life (including 2 French Brittanies from du Calumbor), and she’s the best I’ve seen. Luckily, I’m retired now, and with her pretty much 24/7. She’s a house dog, and loves her comforts, but has never chewed a thing, or sniffed at food on the table. We can give her the run of the house when away without worrying, and she took to the “invisible fence” at 3 months.

I live in a pretty rural area in Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay, and walk and/or swim her at least twice a day. Off leash, she follows hand signals and comes to the whistle, and constantly checks and adjusts her range and direction. She is extremely birdy, and holds a beautiful point. We will work with her on retrieving quail late summer, as during her initial exposure she was a bit reluctant to give up the birds (Her only fault so far).

I’m working her with a trainer, and he claims she’s the best dog at her age that he’s ever seen, and proudly shows her off to all of his friends.

Enclosed are a couple of pictures, including one of her on the beach at about 4 months, which kind of captures her energy and enthusiasm.

John, as I think you know, I spent the bulk of my career in the outdoor sports, and handled Remington’s advertising for some 15 years. I’ve had the opportunity to hunt birds all over the country, as well as Mexico and Europe. Right now, nothing makes me happier than the expectations of shooting with Echo over wild quail here in Virginia, and preserve birds in the surrounding area.

You produce a wonderful dog, and I sure am happy to be lucky enough to own one.”

Dan Lytle

A little over 3 years ago

“A little over 3 years ago, when we went to pick up Maquis at 8 weeks old, John tossed a quail a few feet away. That cute little bundle of fur went straight for it, somehow picked it up (it was almost as big as him), and trotted back to us, a great sign of things to come. Since then, Maquis has shown himself to be a bird-finding machine who can go from full tilt to rock solid point in a heart beat. There is no doubting his nose when he goes on point; he does not waver. The Mooneys’ guidance, advice, and friendship have been invaluable in helping us with training Maquis and understanding how to build on his natural hunting abilities. They have always been accessible, either by phone or e-mail, and quick to answer any queries. Maquis has great heart (as well as nose) for hunting, and a personality to match. He is a high energy pup, has tremendous stamina, is a sweet companion in the home, and is a pleasure to hunt over. During one recent out-of-state hunting trip, Maquis received high praise from other Epagneul Breton owners for his hunting ability and conformation. We highly recommend L’Escarbot Kennels, for their expertise, their bloodlines, and their friendship.”

Jim and Fatmi Anders

By 15 months, D’Artagnan (aka Dax) pointed and retrieved ruffed grouse

“By 15 months, D’Artagnan (aka Dax) pointed and retrieved ruffed grouse, pheasant and chucker – in sun, rain and snow. John, we are very pleased with the job you and your family did in refining Dax’s obedience and instilling the basics of hunt training – he is a mischievous angel in the home (no surprise as Karen spoils him), who is a vigorous, biddable field companion. Dax is intelligent, energetic and assertive, with a handsome conformation that consistently draws compliments – he is a joy to watch move since he, as you said, runs like a gazelle with grace and power. Dax has boundless enthusiasm in the field with a great nose and intense point. He adjust his range to field conditions, checks on us, honors other dogs, hunts dead with determination and is learning to manage running pheasants and to not press the always nervous grouse. Dax is still quite young, but we are getting to know each other in the field and, as he will temper with age and experience, we have great expectations for our future together.

Dax is our second dog from L’Escarbot Kennel and will not be the last as he will need a hunting mate in a couple years. We are extremely pleased with him and your consideration in aiding our selection. Like his semi-retired predecessor out of Ivee, Dax possesses a warm expressive personality, classic conformation and great prey drive – whether released from our truck or out the front door, your dogs are hunting. My wife and I have hunted over other breeds, but are converts to the French Brittany Spaniel as the holistic home/field dog for us – and especially from L’Escarbot Kennel as we believe in your program as evidenced by its results. Thank you for Dax.

Tom and Karen Harris

It was great to see how Maddie’s learned on each of our hunts

“It was great to see how Maddie’s learned on each of our hunts. This time she was outstanding! My brother-in-law with whom I’ve hunted for 30+ years said she’s far and away the best dog I’ve ever had. As much as we love Cassie, we have to agree. Her nose is excellent and, as you know, she’s relentless and seemingly untiring. “Exuberant” is the word that comes to mind when describing her.

She also got some experience retrieving. My brother-in-law shot a high-flyer which landed about 2 feet from Maddie and kind of startled her since she hadn’t seen the bird getting up. She picked it up and delivered it to hand to him. She continued to retrieve although, after the first time, she hesitated and was a bit reluctant to give it up although she didn’t run away with it. You could just see her getting a bit wilder about retrieving the more she did it. Irene almost cried when she saw her bringing a bird to my brother-in-law the last day. It is a beautiful sight.

Although I have the e-collar on her just in case, I seldom if ever use my whistle because she checks back so regularly. If I want her back I just catch her eye, stand still, and she comes running. It’s nice not to have to worry about her running away.

So, if you need an honest and authentic testimonial, I’m your man. I think anyone who saw her work would be calling you to order a pup.”


Just back from a week hunting pheasants and sharptails

“Just back from a week hunting pheasants and sharptails in eastern Montana. I thought I’d let you know that I am feeling pretty good about Dory’s prospects.

As you well know, its hard to draw too many conclusions about a 14 month old pup. But I can tell you this – by the end of the week Dory was performing more like a seasoned vet than a pup. On our last 2 hour walk, he pointed a covey of sharptails and 7 seperate pheasants including 5 roosters. He’s retreiving everything I shoot and hunting dead with an enthusiasm that you don’t see in many dogs, regardless of age. And prey drive! He has more drive than all but my oldest dog who is the best I’ve had in my 27 years of hunting over bird dogs.

So at only 2 1/2 months into his first season, Dory has hunted, pointed, and retrieved blue grouse, chukars, sharptails, and pheasants. He’s come a long way in a short time and, at this point, shows all the signs of being a truly great bird dog. . . Dory is very intense on point and has been holding his birds well.”

Keith Marcott

My search for a dog was based on specific criteria

“My search for a dog was based on specific criteria: small to medium size, a pointer, intelligent, and a great companion in the house. I found the ideal solution in a French Brittany spaniel from L’Escarbot Kennels. The Mooney brothers have a passion for the breed and show it by continuing to maintain very high breed standards. I also found John Mooney to be a great resource for training; both at their training facility and on the phone.

I would highly recommend L’Escarbot Kennels to any prospective dog owner.”


Just wanted to update you on my dog Tusk

“Hi John,

Just wanted to update you on my dog Tusk. You ran into a few of my friends in North Dakota on their way to Montana, it’s a small world. Anyway my dog Tusk ran in his first NSTRA trials last week end. We had a full trial for the amateur division. Tusk took 1st on Saturday and Sunday both. He competed against some very good 3 to 5 year old dogs and looked great doing it. Just wanted to let you know.

Tusk has been the easiest dog to handle and train that I have ever hunted over and is a pleasure to be around. You have something good going; thanks for selling me such a nice dog.

I will be running Tusk this week end in a united bird hunter event. I will keep you posted.”

Brad Beetch