Veronique d’Lescarbot 


I don’t know if you’ll remember me, but in May 2004 my daughter and I drove up to your kennel from Ohio to pick up our new puppy…Veronique d’Lescarbot (Maggie).  It is with great sadness that I write to tell you that about a month ago Maggie passed-on…she was 13-1/2.  I wanted to write to simply say thank you for breeding such fantastic companions…she was everyone’s favorite.  Maggie hunted until about 2 seasons ago, and together we covered many miles pursuing pheasant, ruffed grouse, & woodcock in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania; as well as some chukar & huns on a local game preserve near us.  She LOVED to hunt and I LOVED to hunt with her; and if I’m honest, I must admit that she was by far the more reliable & capable member of our team.

More than that, however, she was a family member, friend & companion, who was always there to share in whatever experience we had as a family.  She liked everyone she ever met, and particularly adored our granddaughters.  Maggie didn’t have a course bone in her body, and through her entire life, I never even heard her growl at a person or animal…she was simply the sweetest dog ever, and she was loved by everyone.  I remember telling my wife about your “Angels in the Home, Demons in the Field” saying that you had, and for the first 2-year we had Maggie, my wife would be quick to remind me that you had not been completely truthful.  However, once we got past the adolescent stage, she was exactly that, so I had many opportunities over the years to re-establish your credibility in her eyes…Lol!  We dearly miss her presence around the house as she was just a part of who we were as a family, yet we have many fond memories to keep her spirit alive–which comforts us and always brings smiles (and occasionally tears) to our faces.

So in closing, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank you again, John & Bruce, for your dedication to this breed and to the uncompromising characteristics, temperament, and ability that you ensure through your breeding program.  There are really no words to adequately express the joy that she brought into our family life as a result of your dedicated efforts…



Dale Ptak

Brunswick, OH