Call name: LeRoy Kennel Name: LeRoy De L’Escarbot,  Tan CAG Dam: Fabienne De L’Escarbot Sire: Jarred du Comte De Batz Castelmore Producer: John and Bruce Mooney

Jolie De’ L’Escarbot

These photos and text are a great example of a L’Escarbot dog showing their versatility. John I hope all is well with you and your family. I have been meaning to let you know how Jolie is doing for some time, she is Jaspers liter mate. She is awesome, swimming deep...

Etoc pointing a rooster pheasant in the for ground with Jasper backing.

Client John Renaker and John Mooney hunting at Wings North hunt Club, Minnesota with Etoc and Jasper after a successful Pheasant hunt.