Ellie has really come on this year so far.

We had built a johnny house and have been working her on loose quail and she is really doing well!  We have some tremendous fliers and they act very wild.

Was up north last weekend for grouse and woodcock and lots of bird contacts.  But the highlights were the three separate grouse coveys she pointed and HELD!  I was able to shoot grouse out of each covey.

She is holding her own against a pretty darn good 5 year old GSP.  Heading up for more grouse and woodcock for 3 weekends in Oct.

Here is a picture my daughter took today as ellie was pointing a quail.

Also attached a video of her run today.

Not quite finished but darn close.

I tagged the kennel as well so if someone searches youtube for your kennel this should pop up as a vid.


Happy hunting this fall!

Cottage Grove, WI