I picked up my new pup from you when he was six weeks old, watched him play and grow at the lake until I brought him back for training at 51/2 months.  Hugo (Holter) had turned into a driven hunting machine upon arrival back, really intense. When we met in Fergus Falls I brought him directly to the forests in northern MN. His first point and retrieve was about 15 minutes into the hunt, also his first sniff of a wild ruff grouse. I think it surprised and pleased both of us, big smiles on our faces. From that moment on we have hunted Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana and North Dakota multiple times. This puppy has got the Grand Slam: Grouse, Partridge and Pheasant under his young belt this year.

I think he tried to impress you in South Dakota when we hunted together there. Both Hugo and Etoc were on point at the end of the shelter belt. The rooster flushed, was shot and Hugo made a 50 yard retrieve right to my hand.  Since then he has seen hundreds of birds and learned so much. At 9 months now, he is eager to please and on his way to becoming a very impressive dog. I had never had a pointer, there was much to learn about this different way of hunting. I am glad Hugo is patient with me.

With the 2012 season winding down we just got back from pheasant hunting in Mott, ND. Snow covered fields provided the back drop for a late season hunt. The birds were grouped up and spooky. Hugo pointed and retrieved a 3 day limit of roosters each day. It was so fun watching him. I can hardly wait until next season. Thanks for the great French Brittany Spaniel.

Bill Augustadt
Battle Lake, MN