John – I wanted to write and thank you for all the help through the first season with Geron (Mr. G).  The first year has been a tremendous time challenge for me as my twin girls arrived six months after Mr. G.  Even before I put my deposit down for a pup, you were a great source of help & knowledge.  I appreciate you being open to me calling you about vets, food, toys, obedience, exercise, training gear, e-collars, retrieving, boarding, etc.  I’m pretty sure you were sick of me and then I sent him back to you for a month of formal obedience & field training.  Even before I sent Mr. G out to you, you made it very clear as to what you wanted to accomplish with him and set my expectations appropriately.  We discussed his progress weekly and I was able to visit right before he was sent home, which was primarily to train me to keep his development going.  Six months after hunt camp, Mr. G continues to get better in the field and you continue to answer my calls for advice, thank you.

My testimonial would not be the same without a hunting story…we were making one last pass along the road above the river when Mr. G pointed straight down a 30 foot bank.  Without pause, my hunting partner goes down the bank and flushed a pheasant.  We both instinctively shot the bird, which was over the middle of the river.  Mr. G looked up at me, ‘should I go get it’ just as my buddy runs past me, throwing his gun at me, and heads down river yelling ‘I got it!’  I was thinking ‘is he going to swim for it, idiot…’ Then Mr. G takes off in hot pursuit…as I’m stumbling down river carrying equipment, I look up, Mr. G is in the middle of the river, spots the bird, swims directly to it, grabs it & swims back, hand delivering it to my buddy.  I’m pretty sure I yelled out ‘F-YEAH!!’ more than once.

I’ve really enjoyed what a workhorse he is in the field and a devoted family member at home.  He is great with my little girls (all kids actually) and my morning coffee would not be the same without Mr. G sitting in my lap, chewing his bone, & then falling asleep.  I’ll be ordering more in the future…I promised each girl a puppy.

Thanks, Andrew
Portland, Oregon