Hello John and Bruce,

Just over two years ago we brought home from your kennel an 8 week old French Brittany Spaniel Fonce whom we now call Zoey.  After finding our 6 year old American Brittany and best hunting friend had terminal cancer we were in a bit of a panic to find a great dog to fill his shoes.  After much research we decided a French Brittany may be a better fit for our family and hunting needs.  We then began the search for a reputable breeder and a good dog we were shocked to find that the premier U.S. French Brittany breeder was just a short drive from our home and happened to have a larger than average litter with exactly what we wanted a female tricolor ready to take home in just a few days.  Our decision was made and the next week we made the trip to your kennels to pick up our Zoey, daughter of Cerese and Diska.  We began training right away with your detailed instructions and at 6 months old we took her out to the game farm so we could shoot some birds over her.  The pheasants were bigger than her but she did awesome!  She has since done some grouse hunting as well as pheasant and Chucker.  We just returned from a season warmup at the pheasant farm.  At 2 years old she is a fantastic hunter she listens flawlessly, marks and retrieves beautifully and holds a point perfectly.  Not to mention she is a wonderful family pet, wonderful with the neighborhood kids and always up for a good snuggle.

We are so very happy we jumped at the chance to have one of your dogs and could not be happier with her hunting ability and demeanor she is a total sweetheart.

Joel Moulton
Waconia, MN