It is humbling to learn that your dog is smarter than you are, especially two days in a row. This time Patch pointed a pheasant and when flushed, it caught a strong SD prairie wind. I shot and it sailed down with the wind 60 yds away. I carefully marked it down calling the dog to me as I was certain with the distance and tall grasses he hadn’t seen where it went down. Finally he came and sniffed around finding nothing. After a futile search we headed back. Patch wandered off to a new area & again miraculously came back with the rooster. Like yesterday, he had found it right away then dropped it to respond to my persistent calling. He must think I am an idiot as a hunting partner – and he may be right!

Ed Crozier

Avenall De L’Escarbot (Patch) twelve years old.
Sire: Storm De L’Escarbot
Dam: Rose De L’Escarbot
Producer: John and Bruce Mooney
Owner: Ed Crozier MN