I thought I’d give you an update, long over-due, on Bella.  She’s a hoot!  Great personality!  Moans and groans as she’s petted.  She loves to fetch and runs the field and wood very well.  We didn’t have much luck with ruff’s (low numbers) near our deer camp this year but she certainly covered the ground and will catch on to them.  Worked up a couple fairly well and did well on the few woodcock encountered.  I was invited to a game farm with a couple guys who ran labs.  We hunted them first and didn’t have great luck.  Put them away and we brought out Bella and walked to where we saw a roost enter the tall grass.  She went the complete 1800 wrong direction into the short grass despite my pleas.  Not a good first impression on the lab guys.  Until she went on point and we all hurried along in the cut grass to flush a hidden hen!  We bagged that bird and then the hunt was on!  Back to the tall grass and we simply stood still and watched her cover lots of ground.  When I mentioned we could follow her the guys thought it was great just to stand and watch.  She was brilliant.  I was proud.  Of Bella, not my shooting.  We finished the field with her and brought out the labs again and didn’t scare up another bird.  One of the guys told me he talked about this little dog the entire next day at work.  With snow melted we’re getting back out into the woods or pastures, whatever we can find, and both getting some needed exercise.


The attached photo shows how smart she is and maybe a new training technique.


Hope you’re catching spring fever,


Craig Larson
Bemidji, MN