You are a miracle worker!

A few years ago we were researching kennels and dog trainers to see if a trainer could exercise the “gun shyness demons” from our 3 year old French Brittney, Tudors.

I’m glad we found you.  Even though Tudors was not one of your own kennel raised  pups, you were still very interested in helping us with a major correction given the severity of Tudors gun shy condition.  When Tudors heard anything remotely similar to a gun or pop, he would run to a corner to find security and breath so heavily we thought he was going to have a heart attack!  It was good to hear that you were confident that you could correct his fear of the gun.  We thought you displayed an incredible amount of knowledge and applied some really good psychology…..for everyone involved.  We really liked your approach and the professionalism from start to finish.    As we didn’t know what to expect, you wanted to see if you could achieve progress after 3 visits before taking him for a month of training.  This meant a lot to Natalie and me as we loved him for the companion he was in the house and we didn’t want that part to change, but we also wanted to see if he could live his life for what he was meant to be in the field.

We were blessed with Tudors being such a loveable and affectionate dog, as it turns out, none of this part changed.  I think he loves us even more because you opened a new world of fun and purpose for him!

Tudors is now 5 and he has spent hundreds of hours in the field over the past 2 years gaining lots of “on the job experience.”  I can say that at the end of each days hunt, he and I get better at being a team.  As you told me, with Tudors less is more.  He does everything he is supposed to do in the field and I don’t need to give him much instruction, and when I do he figures it out.  When I have hunted him with other dogs, even flushers, I think Tudors is one of the best if not the best dog in the field.  Tudors can change styles and approach because he has learned the difference between a hunting  in the aspen forest and how to handle those conditions versus a pheasant habitat.  I could go on and tell you stories about his eagerness to hunt, his bird pinning points and crazy retrieves, but I’m much more happy about the fact that he now loves the sound of the gun!

Great job John!  I’m glad we found you!